About us

Picture by Miriam Raneburger

It all started with a book. A book that has never been written. Not because we cannot write, but because our idea of dedicating ourselves to the topic of women has been spun out and digitized in the form of a blog. Which does not mean that we will not publish a print work about the wonderful and complex nature of women someday.
We are Elisabeth Boeck and Cornelia Pichler, two cosmopolitans and inquisitive women who cannot be more different. But obviously opposites attract and due to their contrasting features, develop their true beauty. Just like a black and white picture. So we are big and small, diffuse and sharp, emotional and sober, reduced and extravagant – just as we feel like it. Still there is one thing we are not: square. That is incompatible with our zodiac sign, because being Aries we are challenged every day by our temperament, our ambition and a certain degree of impatience. All of this does not match boredom. We are self-critical, aspiring and do not take ourselves too serious but prefer to focus on the things we share in words and pictures with our community: lifestyle, fashion, design, travel, architecture, cuisine, beauty and – as our name suggest – interesting women. We experience and portray all this in our individual way and with a wink.
We are supposed to have a sense for trends, style and exciting personalities – whether this is genetically anchored or taught in all the years, is of no major importance. The important thing is that it leads us to exciting places and to special people who tell us entertaining details of their lives. We stumble – sometimes literally – upon topics and things that broaden our horizons and then disturb us. There is nothing that does not exist and the amazement never stops. Thank God!

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