Hotel Nesslerhof

Hotel Nesslerhof


When we arrive at our first stop of our hotel tour in Grossarl (Salzburg) as part of our cooperation with Lifestylehotels and Lillet, the Nesslerhof is still completely embedded in a wintry snow ambience. An icy wind is blowing and we hurry into the inviting area of the hotel building, because we know that it can only get better. Although we are an hour too early for our interview, they direct us to a comfortable lounge area, where we wait for the hotel owner, Tina Neudegger. The hotel lobby, which fluently blends into the bar / lounge / dining area, is a welcoming and appealing area that is well attended by hotel guests who drink coffee, gossip, or are lost in their digital equipment. We start to shoot the first photos and capture the stylish interior, which is based on high-quality furniture, beautiful decoration and refreshing art accents.

Then a friendly, self-confident woman comes up to us and greets us casually, “Hi, I’m Tina! ” Immediately, there are sparks of sympathy flying and we know that we will get along great. Tina does not seem to have a problem with us being early, puts on some lipstick, ties an apron around her waist and gets prepared for the shooting. We love uncomplicated women like her, who show hands-on qualities and are just good at what they do.

While Tina is preparing the in-house designed Lillet signature drink Summer Herbs, she explains the individual ingredients and tells us how she, a native of the city of Salzburg, ended up in Grossarl. Of course it was a matter of love, in her case she fell in love with Hermann, her current husband and partner-in-crime in the hotel’s family business. With every sentence of her you can feel how much she loves this house and that there is a little bit of Tina in every detail. She raves about the region, which offers everything prestigious guests want: from skiing (the hotel is located directly at the lift station), hiking and biking to indoor relaxation in the impressive 1,800 m2 spa area, including indoor pool, heated outdoor pool, brine outdoor pool, natural pool, cold water pond and eight saunas. Elisabeth and I both look at each other and think exactly the same: “Why do we have to leave this beautiful place?” Immediately we decide to come back later, perhaps in the summer, when we could test the entire range of their vacation program.

The Lillet cocktail Summer Herbs tastes delicious and perfectly introduces our interview. Now Tina outlines her hotel concept in detail, explains to us what they define as being “guest whisperers” and we understand very quickly that in this house, they anticipate the guest’s every wish. Apparently the hotel professionals know what the guests want, before they do themselves. That is the only way to make a holiday into an unforgettable experience and, according to the hotel owner, makes the guest want to return. However, this requires that everyone, from the owner to the cleaner, supports the mission. No problem for Tina, as her family lives and works in the family business, even her mother and mother-in-law are constantly on site to support her with her three daughters. She does not like the fact that tourism often faces negative publicity, because, according to her, there are actually many advantages, especially for working mothers.

Tina persuades us to have a quick lunch together, where we talk about our activities. She loves the idea of our blog and immediately tells us about the lady who makes the ginger syrup she uses for the Lillet cocktail. Another woman she should put our focus on. There are just so many great women but unfortunately so little time! We do not regret our choice of food, a beef tartare, not only because the dish ends up beautifully presented on our table, it also tastes wonderful. We wish we could make use of the culinary motto of the Nesslerhof “eating, drinking, staying”, but as I mentioned before, the next appointment is already waiting for us.

Because the time with Tina was flying, there is no time left to have a look at the rooms. Still, we do not need to, because what we have seen so far confirms that in this house everything is done and run with love and passion and at the highest quality level. So, we can already plan the next visit free of risk, because all of the rooms will also bear Tina’s stamp and for us that is quality seal enough. With this in mind we say thank you Tina, and see you soon!

A cooperation with Lifestylehotels and Lillet.

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