Once you hear the word “Puradies”, you of course immediately think of pure paradise so we are curious about how close our destination will come to the heavenly site. Our navigation system is confused and we cruise around the wrong slope but since we are still okay in terms of time, we dedicate ourselves to rural sightseeing. Then Google Maps finally knows the way and guides us to the right hill, where the Puradies is prominently located above the rest of the civilization.

We are greeted warmly by the receptionist and do not refuse the offer of a welcome drink at the bar. The bar / lounge area with the appropriate name “open space” determinates the atrium and makes you immediately feel welcome. We feel attracted by the curvy design of the bar, the bright colors of the room and the familiar feel of the materials. So we exhale and finally arrive.

Then we check into our rooms, which are spacious and luxuriously equipped. Our suites are mainly furnished with wood but without being rustic or cheesy. Actually they are a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modern design. The bed linens smell like flowers and you immediately want to have a beauty day in the fancy bathroom – maybe there will be the chance to apply a relaxing face mask in the evening. On the large terrace there are two lounge chairs that invite you to sit down and enjoy the amazing view of the beautiful landscape. If there was only more time for things like that.

While some guests still wearing their ski outfit are enjoying an aperitif at the bar, Elisabeth and I tread to the “set” in evening gowns and high-heels and start making various shots. They probably wonder which planet we escaped from, because with our glitter robes we sparkle like a Christmas tree. Still, we do not care and climb stairs, pose in different corners, repeat step sequences and try to capture the essential things, also the Lillet signature drink Florentina, a creation of the bar chef of the Puradies. On the top floor there is a large library area and the Bowerls Hat Bar, the smoking lounge & sports bar of the Puradies which also provides a self-service fridge full of beer. We prefer to stick to the Lillet cocktail and since we do not have to drive anymore tonight, we can really enjoy it. After another change of outfits, we meet Bianca Weber, the marketing and sales manager of the Puradies, to have a nice chat about her workplace. The native of Lower Austria has a sunny disposition and willingly answers our questions.

Both the dinner and the breakfast in the hotel are just great. There is a big variety of everything, it tastes delicious and you can tell immediately that they only serve first-class food over here. Bianca has informed us that the products and ingredients used derive from local organic mountain farms or farmers. Honestly, you can really taste it.
Before Elisabeth and I load our car, we quickly visit the Greisslerei, the gourmet and gift shop of the Puradies, where you get everything from wines, cheese, jams, spices, gift ideas to design accessories and jewelry. Maybe we take a little something for those who had to stayed at home. Then we fight our way back to the car through wind and ice, we realize that our spring fashion is clearly not suitable for Leogang but that is another story and Elisabeth still has to laugh when thinking about it.


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