Bianca Weber

Bianca Weber

While enjoying a Florentina, the Leogang version of the Lillet signature drink, Bianca Weber, who is in charge of marketing and sales at the Puradies, gives us an insight into their hotel concept and their local bar culture.

What makes the Puradies a “Pure Paradise”?

Our goal is to create the pure, real holiday experience, in combination with the surrounding nature. The whole house is designed to match our philosophy of less is more. In a fast-paced and hectic world, our guests should be able to reconnect with themselves and experience our home and surroundings with all their senses.

You offer a luxury timeout – what does that look like?

Nowadays, luxury means being able to withdraw from the majority of offerings and the flood of communication. Our guests should be able to consciously and undisturbed experience the time they spend with us and to leave their daily problems at home. We offer two luxury suites “Private Spa” and “Wolke 7 (Cloud 9)” which provide their own spa areas with a sundeck pool, a sauna and a terrace – a private haven, cut off from the rest of the world.

Your house is defined by an imposing bar area – what is the idea behind the unusual design?

The hotel owners wanted to create something unique that would become the heart of the house. The bar, that we have already won several awards with, consists of 16,000 individual oak planks, which were manifactured by a local craftsman. The monumental structure impressively defines the hotel atrium, creates a meeting zone and connects the two floors of the hotel.

When it comes to a bar, what is important for women these days?

Our bar already attracts women through its shape. Due to its curves it looks very feminine and familiar and thus inviting. The bar area is open and communicative and even as a single woman you can enjoy a drink, without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, women do appreciate our selection of beverages – they especially like the drinks by Lillet that we have already had on the menu for some time.

Do you think that a bar has the social obligation to make people happy?

I think that a hotel bar is a meeting zone and a focal point. When we welcome our new guests, we ask them to have a welcome drink at the bar. Then they already get a chance to meet the bartender and chat with him, which lightens the mood that might still be at rock bottom, due to the long journey.

Regarding the culinary repertoire, where is the focus of your hotel?

Basically, we focus on dishes of the “Alps-Adriatic” area. We predominantly cook with regional organic products and have recently been awarded one of the newcomer of the year by Falstaff. There are of course always seasonal influences and thematic focuses. Still, you would not believe how often guests still order a Wiener Schnitzel or Kaiserschmarren (laughs).

Why does somebody choose your hotel?

In winter, of course, the main focus is on skiing and in summer our guests love to go hiking or biking. In general, our region offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy a holiday. We also provide a wonderful in-house spa area, where we offer manifold beauty treatments that are very popular among our guests.

If you need a break, what is your retreat?

My balance to the job is definitely sports. Basically, you can find me outdoors. I love nature. In winter, of course, I like doing everything that has to do with snow, skiing, ski touring, cross-country skiing and in summer I’m mostly exploring the neighborhood with my bike.

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