Nidum Casual Luxury Hotel

Nidum Casual Luxury Hotel


Anyone who has ever visited the Nidum Casualy Luxury Hotel will know “Michi”, hotelière and better half of owner Maximilian Pinzger, in short “Max”. Michi is not only the soul of the house, but also the one who keeps the clockwork of the 57 rooms and suites hotel running – of course together with Max and a great team. She greets us exuberantly with her cute Tyrolean dialect and is glad that we are “normal” women, whatever that means nowadays. We also love her natural and down-to-earth nature and immediately are on good terms with her. There is not a lot of asking from her side and we start right away. Michi tells straight from the heart how it all started with the Nidum, the “nest”, and how Max, after buying the house a year and a half ago, redesigned the whole concept of the hotel previously run by Russians. Now there is a recurring theme running through the whole building: The Nidum is based on non-chalence and casualty, but still offers everything at the highest professional level. Michi and Max are perfect hosts and want their guests to leave everything that stresses them at home. What counts at the Nidum are the things that are relaxing, joyful and entertaining – the things the guests will positively remember. Therefore, in the summer, guests can walk in flip-flops to Lake Moeserer, where there is a jazz trio playing twice a week to accompany their swim. Or, in winter, Michi, armed with a bottle of warming schnapps, guides an evening tour with torches through the beautiful Tyrolean landscape, and thus creates unique memories.

When we get the Lillet signature drink Elegant Summer served, we immediately notice how great it looks: in a bright red and decorated with white blossoms and colorful petals, we do almost not dare to drink it, because we do not want to destroy the piece of art. Still, it is tempting and after the first sips we definitely count among the fans of the cocktail.

Michi immediately invites a few other female guests and employees to try out the new drink and in no time we are a small, fine group of women talking about all the world and his wife in the chilled-out atmosphere of the bar area. The view of the Inn Valley seems to be endless and finally the first rays of sunshine appear. In summer it must be a dream as well and again we think about returning with a bikini and some flip-flops.

The suites of the house provide everything that discerning guests long for and we understand why especially women like to retreat and rest over here. The view is always directed towards the Inn Valley and there seems to be sun almost the whole year round. The Nidum offers everything you need to relax and be pampered while having fun and dancing to the tunes of live music in the evening. Manuel, the congenial bartender, mixes delicious cocktails and entertains the audience in the Tyrolean dialect, which of course everybody loves.

The next day after the party you can book a rejuvenation cure in the spa area of the hotel and review the previous evening with your girlfriends. The hotelière certainly makes sure that the offer is perfectly attuned to the female audience, as she tests everything herself and makes sure that her guests only get the cream of the crop.

When it comes to the Nidum cuisine, Michi can also not stop enthusing. Here they do not only cook with love and skills, but above all with local products – such as the fish from the vet – and the one who is responsible for all that is Damnjan, the Croatian chef of the Nidum. We once more get the chance to taste the wonderful food and decide for the Cesar salad. We are indeed delighted. No wonder that Damnjan was recently named the second best cook in Croatia, we so think he definitely deserves the honor.

While having lunch together, Michi opens her heart and shares a lot of details about her personal life and her start at the hotel. We deeply appreciate when people that we have just got to know trust us and let us participate in their lives. We know that this is not the rule and we do not take it for granted. It’s not about selling a product, it’s about sharing something that is very personal and valuable. Due to the fact that the three of us get along so great and there is so much to tell, time flies again. We hate to say goodbye to the Nidum and its charming hotelière, who even accompanies us to the car. Again the three of us agree that this cannot be a final goodbye.

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