Bergland Soelden

Bergland Soelden


We really hurry to our next destination as we are way too late. So we arrive sweating and with a bad conscience because normally we are always on time, if not too early. Typical Austrians. In the lobby, we already run into Jochen Scheurenbrand, the marketing director of the Design Hotel Bergland, who we apologize to sincerely and promise to make up for the lost time with even greater commitment. No sooner said than done, we work in record time. We build up the photo set, arrange matching decoration, position the Lillet drink Bergfrische and off we go. Within half an hour we have everything in the box and see a relaxed smile on Jochen’s face, because he seems to have the feeling that everything could still go according to plan. Of course it will.

For the interview with hotel owner Elisabeth Gruener we retreat to the lounge area, which looks very elegant and distinguished. She smiles at us and asks what we want to know. We return a little embarrassed smile, because there is just one thing we need to know: Has he been here, too? Who? James Bond, of course, because everyone knows that Daniel Craig and part of the film crew stayed at this hotel as part of the filming of Spectre. Elisabeth reports that 007 actually took his drinks here in the bar area and that he was completely relaxed and easy-going “like any other guest”. Well, there is definitely still some Hollywood glamor to be felt and we wish we had a time machine to get us a couple of years back to have the chance to sit next to him. We wonder if he is as charismatic in real life as in the movies? Unfortunately, we will never know, and so just take it for granted and enjoy the fact that we (almost) shared a hotel with him. A nice thought though. Of course we do not sleep in the same suite as Daniel, but our room is also a (mountain) dream and since we have a little power nap before dinner and even try the mattresses, we already know that we can look forward to this night. Honestly, we briefly consider to stay in bed, but Jochen has already reserved a table in the restaurant and a little surprise. We are curious and quickly put on something pretty, because who knows what the evening might bring.

At dinner, we are spoiled with mussels and lamb fillets, but are not able to taste every course, which is a pity, since everything looks excellent and even comes from the own sheep flock, as we previously learned from Elisabeth. For Elisabeth’s husband Sigi is an enthusiastic sheep breeder and expert on tasty lamb. At the Bergland they serve only the cream of the crop. On the other hand, we plan to leave some room for breakfast. The restaurant by the name “The Black Sheep” is very stylish and cozy, kept in dark, warm colors and decorated with different sheep heads, one of them being black. We immediately feel at home and would like to stay longer, but we still have a date at the bar. There we learn that we are invited to a party at the Tanzstadl. This week there is a lot going on in town, because Soelden hosts the Gay Snow happening and the whole place is full of partying men. Gay men. We look at each other and think: why not? The Tanzstadl, conveniently located just across the street from the hotel, is actually very well filled with about 150 men and two women – Elisabeth and myself. The men are of course gay, including star DJ Gloria Viagra. What is there more to say? We spent a night full of wondering, laughing and admiring, were hardly spoken to and yet had a fab time with good music and fun-loving people. The world actually needs more tolerance and we thank all the men for letting us participate in this event.

The night was unfortunately too short and our cozy beds would have deserved more attention. Nevertheless, we slept like little angels and we are thankful for Michi’s magic eye pads (see article NIDUM), which we use before we start the next photo shoot at 7am in the wellness area. The Sky-Spa on the top floor offers everything that makes the hearts of spa lovers beat faster: an indoor pool, an outdoor whirlpool, a sauna area with a Finnish sauna, textile sauna, bio sauna and a steam bath, the Panorama Gallery, the Room of Silence and a terrace to relax. For active vacationers, of course, there is also a comprehensive fitness offer and those who prefer to take it easy, relax while practicing an open air mediation. We once again wish for more time and a bikini to get lost in this oasis. A little massage would not be amiss, because after the long drive, we already feel our back muscles and unfortunately not in a positive way.

After the short, at least mental trip to a spa vacation, we enjoy a manifold and tasty breakfast. We do not skip anything that promises to recharge our energy tanks. Then we head to the next stop, but not without once again thanking Elisabeth Gruener for everything, because even if our stay was very short, we were thrilled by the extensive offer of the hotel and ask her to immediately inform us in the case that James Bond should consider once more to stay at her house. For, in exceptional cases, we also interview men ;-).

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