Arthotel Blaue Gans

Arthotel Blaue Gans


When you come to Salzburg, there is always a bit of culture in the air. The city of Mozart welcomes us with sunshine, which automatically adapts our mood. The arthotel Blaue Gans is located right at the famous Getreidegasse and when you enter the building, you immediately feel that you are walking on historical grounds and wish that those walls could talk. The hotel is elegant and decorated with a contemporary chic – apparently someone has mastered the balancing act between an antique shell and a contemporary hotel very well. You recognize at once that they focus on art, which is perfectly staged everywhere. Iris Niedereiter, who is responsible for marketing, welcomes us friendly and enthusiastically and we start with a tour through the house right away. It does not take us long to be enchanted by the old building, which has been adapted to modern needs and yet has not lost any of its authentic charm. On the contrary, the combination of a landmarked building and modern pieces of art makes the hotel a unique holistic work of art. We love the fact that everything is full of nooks and crannies, unexpected and hence “different” and still used in an ideal way. It turns the stay in this hotel into an emotional experience. The rooms and suites have a stylish, timeless and very appealing design, you feel right at home and do not want to spend just one night. When you look out the window, you realize that you are right in the heart of the city of Salzburg, where everything is just behind the corner.

The Lesestube (Library) where we settle for the interview, could for sure also tell some stories, because this is where Barbara Rett (Austrian TV host) welcomes and interviews celebrities in the course of the famous Salzburg Festival. So we take a seat on a sofa that has already hosted several prestigious artists and hope that the creative energy of the room will be transferred to us. Iris knows a lot to tell about the house and its owner, Andreas Gfrerer, and it is really a pleasure listening to her when she talks about her employer’s passion, who might have liked to become an artist himself, if it had not been for this house that already has a very long tradition as a restaurant. It is interesting to hear that artists love to stay over here and also tend to leave works of art, which in turn help to shape the identity of the place. You can clearly feel that art is part of daily life in the hotel, which is far away from being a museum. Guests can touch and operate things and suddenly art is so much more fun than in a lot of other places.

Finally, we go to the bar, where the Lillet signature drink KaMi is prepared for us. We are allowed to take a sip and like it`s refreshing taste. Then,we shoot some photos and absorb the urban atmosphere of the downtown bar/restaurant. Iris further informs us about the changes in the course of the anniversary celebration, for the arthotel Blaue Gans turns 20 years this spring! The house will get a bit modernized and optimized and yet everything should stay the same. Thank God! We love it just the way it is. The next city trip to Salzburg is definitely on our list – together with the Jedermann and some other highlights, which the city of Mozart has to offer. We’ll keep you posted!

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