Kat Green

Kat Green (Painter)

Kat Green calls herself an artist, a maker and a dreamer. Well, I guess, those features perfectly qualify her for the desert. Originally from South Carolina, Kat found the perfect place to produce and display her art in a sunny studio in the high-desert of Joshua Tree. When you ask her how long it took her to paint something, she will simply tell you: All of my life. She says that she is like a sponge that soaks everything in that surrounds her, hence all of her experiences are reflected in her pieces of art. Kat has been painting for over fifteen years and as she constantly changes and evolves, her art does as well.

As I ask her why she loves the desert, she gives me a contagious smile and says, ‘Because it is not L.A.’ For me, who has just moved to Los Angeles and is absolutely in love with the city, this is contradictory. She explains that she grew up in South Carolina and felt like a square peg in a round hole. She figured that as she did not fit in in the country, she had to be a city girl. So when she finally moved to L.A. she was shocked that she was so not a city girl. So what next? Today, she thinks that it was mainly a matter of space as she lived in such a small place that also her art became compressed. She suddenly felt small and missed space – for her art and herself. Hence, she started to look for an alternative to L.A. that had a good arts community. Somehow she landed in Joshua Tree and when she saw the park and met a couple of awesome people, she knew that she had finally arrived. She accepted that she was a country girl after all, with a big urge for freedom – in terms of space and mind.

It is also the first place in Kat’s entire life that she decided that she wanted to live in. Other locations had been determined by outer circumstances or other people, like her parents, her first husband or her kids’ school environment. So, this is a big thing for her and you can feel that she has been absorbing all the positive energy that came with that decision.

In terms of painting, Kat is most comfortable in the abstract world and she tends to work in series. It is all about Wabi-Sabi and layers and history of surface. She explains to me that the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, ‘the Art of Imperfection’, reminds us that nothing is permanent. It is a different kind of looking, a different kind of mindset that praises authenticity. Kat says that things cannot just be smooth, there has to be something hidden underneath, which cannot be seen with the eyes but is essential to the outcome. Like in our lives, I guess. I love the idea of embracing our flaws and stopping endlessly striving for ideal things. Like in Kat’s paintings, we need to look underneath and accept our history and all the processes we have gone through. Only if we care for our present selves as we are now, we will find inner peace and true happiness.

Together with her husband Bill, an illustrator and photographer, Kat also travels the area and features small art works in their ’72 Winnebago Chieftain, an art gallery on wheels. The Tumbleweed Art Co. is a unique venue for all types of exhibitions, events and collaborations and can be booked from Palms Springs to the Morongo Valley Basin. Make sure you check it out. I love it.

For more about Kat at https://www.katgreenart.com/

The other portraits will be featured within the next weeks. Stay tuned!

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