The Modern Wolfden

The Modern Wolfden

Remember when I told you about our house in the desert? Well, it is done. Finally. What a journey at the end of the world – at least for us. If you had told me some years ago that one day I would be planting a hundred of cacti in the middle of nowhere at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, I would have called you crazy. This was not exactly part of my life plan, I have to admit. Still, plans change and life happens. Also to me and my husband when we fell in love with the desert and decided to buy a house in Pioneertown. Well, back then it was more of a wreck, but you already know that story. Now, almost two years later, people call it an architectural gem, but for us it is much more: a beautiful and cozy second home in an enchanting place.

Still, I cannot tell you how happy I am that this project is finished. My husband, an experienced architect and son of a builder, designed the house and almost build it with his own hands. At least there is not one thing in and around the house that he has not touched. The same is true for me, although I was not involved into every tiny technical detail, because honestly my husband is so much better in those things and loves to deal with tech stuff that I cannot get enthused about (like which kind of mini-split would be the best, how we can avoid cracks in concrete, can we get rid of the power pole, etc.). Still, I have the feeling that this baby, as we consider all of our projects, was especially hard to bring to life. I guess because it is our first house in the US and then also in the desert, where things definitely work differently. It is not like, especially not as a foreigner, you buy something, bring it back to studs and then say: well, I want this and we do it that way, because this is how it is done in Europe. You can try – but good luck with that. We, of course, also tried, despaired, developed some kind of ulcer, until we gave in and adapted to the pace and mindset of our construction team. We took offense, explained over and over and waited for things to be done, people to show up and work to be executed. There is one thing you for sure learn in the desert, namely to thrive in endurance, patience and humor because in the end you can just shrug and let things come your way, whatever pace they choose to have. We spend hours, weeks or maybe months of our life sitting and contemplating in the wilderness while waiting for people, material, or electricity to be turned on again. It made us a lot calmer and wiser though and I am sure the next project will easier, or maybe not. You never know what to expect of life itself. Especially not in the desert.

Anyhow, me made it, and we do not complain about the fact that we planned to be finished much earlier or that certain things were just impossible to be done our way. We now have a beautiful house in the desert and that is all that counts. It was important for us to not only show our work but to create a balanced, thriving space that exists in communion with its environment. The final result is called The Modern Wolfden because my husband’s name is Wolfgang and people over here very much respond to the image of the wolf, which stands for wilderness, strength and also a pack. We liked the idea that all that is reflected in the place, which is meant to be a home for us, friends and like-minded people who love the desert. The site is all about natural light, authentic materials, as well as minimalist and purposeful furnishings, with key pieces that showcase our lifestyle and personality. We embraced an indoor/ outdoor lifestyle, so that the beautiful nature surrounding the house becomes part of a daily routine. It was important for us to design a place in which we could relax, entertain, work and flourish.

The more we headed towards the end of the journey with construction, the more time we spent on our plot of land and experienced different seasons of the year and times of the day. We have witnessed amazing sunrises and magical sunsets, lovely animal families populating our land and have been granted a lot of peace and inspiration. We decided that we wanted to share those qualities with other people and this is why our part-time home is now also an AirBnB rental for those who wish to escape the city and soak in the rural charm of the desert. Although the place is a secluded, peaceful setting defined by the beauty of its barren landscape, massive boulders and striking Joshua trees, it offers everything that you expect of a luxury vacation home. And it is only a 5-minute-drive away from the famous restaurant and music venue Pappy & Harriet’s – always worth a visit.

Do you feel ready for an adventure? Want to embark on something unusual and leaving your comfort zone? All of this might just be a 2-hour-car ride away from LA. We would love to welcome you at The Modern Wolfdento relax, mediate, hike, celebrate or simply rediscover your true self. They say that the high desert has a magnetic core that gives you a strong desire to be there – find out for yourself!

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